As a mum of two and a former childcare provider for many years, I have always loved toys that encourage and help develop children’s skills. Thats why I know your little one will love learning with Le Toy Van wooden toys.

Ethically made and sustainably sourced wooden toys. Made from replenished quality smooth rubber wood. Brightly coloured water staining and hand screen printing techniques. Gives these toys beautifully hand finished details. Water staining is a safer way of colouring than toxic paints and designed for fun, learning and stimulating play.

Woodland Puzzle Blocks

Puzzle Blocks

When my boys were younger they loved puzzles. It was a great way for them to play independently, developing their logic and problem solving skills. Puzzles are a very effective way for children to wind down and have some quiet time. Also great for us mums as it allows us to get on with some chores or make dinner while they contently play.

These Woodland Puzzle Blocks make a fantastic puzzle set for children ages 12 months and over. I love the colourful, hand finished, woodland designs on these puzzles. I also found that when my boys were feeling, shall we say too energetic to sit quietly with puzzles they would have loads of fun taking their puzzle blocks out of the wooden frame board and stack them up only to knock them down again.

Gears And Cogs Busy Bee Learning Toy

Gears and Cogs

As a former childcare provider I watched many children play with gears and cogs. Spending ages really concentrating in order to slot them all together. The look of achievement on their faces when they finally fitted all the cogs together and made them go round was priceless.

Gears & Cogs ‘Busy Bee Learning’ is a fun way to help your little one develop their cognitive skills. The brightly coloured cogs are a fantastic fun way to help your little one with their colour recognition. The adorable busy bee design has 7 removable cogs, 3 with cute bee handles. Hand finished with a flowers, bees and  ladybirds design.

Boy Playing With Wooden Sensory Shapes

Sensory Play

I love all things sensory! Theres so many benefits to toys that help encourage a child to explore their senses and the things around them. Like these Sensory Shapes, 9 fun vibrate shapes great for colour and shape recognition. Each coloured shape co-ordinates with the coloured shape on the board for matching colours as well as shapes.

Heres the fun part, each has a different sensation like the feel me fluffy fabric, the shake me beads to the kaleidoscope to peek through, a jingling bell and lots more! As well as providing endless fun these shapes are perfect for stimulating their minds.

Wooden tree top stacker toy


I love the simplicity of this wooden stacker (aww and the oh so cute little bird at the top!) Stackers are a classic toy every child should have in their toy box.  Perfect for helping your little one master their fine motor skills, their visual and spacial perception. Another great reason why learning with Le Toy Van wooden toys is so much fun. 

This wooden Tree Top Stacker makes a fantastic first wooden stacker. Complete with 8 pieces including a cute little bird sat in its nest perched at the top of the tree. Lots of fun for little hands to get a hold of!  Plus, how cute will this look in your child’s room! Its sure to be a firm favourite.   

Wooden Little Bird House Shape Sorter

Shape Sorters

I love how adorable this My Little Bird House Shape Sorter, shaped like an actual bird house. Suitable for children aged 1-2 years and over, makes the perfect first shape sorter. With its vibrant wooden shapes, bright red roof top and hand finished tree design. Great for shape sorting and stacking those shapes in to fun towers to knock over.

A set of 6 colourful shapes for children to sort. A removable roof makes is super easy for your little one to retrieve the shapes inside themselves. So they can easily play over and over again. Another great toy idea for independent play, freeing up time for you to do a chore or two while they are happily playing. A must have toy to add to any toy box to help with finger dexterity and fine motor skills.

Wooden Noah's Shape Sorter And Animals

For older children ages 3 years and over The Noah’s Shape Sorter offers a slightly more advanced shape sorter. Perfect for enhancing their developing dexterity skills. This wooden Noah’s Ark gives double the play fun with the 7 pairs of colourful wooden animals, Noah and his wife they can let their imaginary play take over with the animals boat (Personally, loving the pink flamingos!)

The ark has a convenient carry handle on the top so your little one can take it anywhere to play. A sliding door make it easy for them to access the animals inside and a great place to store them when not playing with them. Fun for kids while also being great for helping with their fine motor skills and finger dexterity while sorting the animal shapes.

Learning Is Fun!

Learning with Le Toy Van provides loads of fun wether its puzzles, gears and cogs stackers or shape sorters. And it doesn’t stop there, for older siblings theres loads of fun to be had with our sustainable wooden toys for kids.

Check out all our wooden toys from construction to kitchen toys, theres something for every little one.


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