A staggering 20 percent of children in the UK who suffer from Eczema. If your child is one of the 20 percent you know how debilitating and uncomfortable it is for your baby or child. It can be a horrible time for the both you and your baby as you try to reduce their symptoms. However there are things that you can do to help. There are some helpful measures you can take to reduce these symptoms and ease your little ones discomfort. Among them is to buy organic cotton clothing for babies with eczema.


What is Eczema

Eczema is also know as dermatitis, a non-contagious dry skin condition. Eczema can cause the skin to look dry and scaly. In more severe cases skin can be crusty and weepy. Often the skin is red and itchy which can lead to constant scratching. This can lead to bleeding which can become infected and make the condition a lot worse.

The National Eczema Society, based in UK say that one in five children and one in twelve adults has eczema. In most cases this is a genetic condition based on the interaction between a number of genes and environmental factors. 

Pinks To Blue Organic Cotton Baby Clothes


Reduce the risk of a flare up or ease the symptoms

Always seek a doctors advice for creams and emollients to help. But it’s also helpful to know the things can make Eczema worse or can cause it to flare up. And it’s good to know there are things you can do around the home to help prevent a flare up too.

Things like excessive heat, moisture against the skin, chemicals found in washing detergents and harsh chemicals found in babies and children’s clothing. Even some foods can irritate your baby’s skin if they suffer from Eczema. 

Consider the type of food they eat, try to buy foods that are as natural or organic as possible.

Also consider the actual clothing you buy. Typical cotton seeds that make our cotton clothes are sprayed with a number of harmful, harsh chemicals, right from a tiny cotton seed and throughout the manufacturing process. These chemicals can irritate their delicate skin. Making the switch to organic cotton clothes can really make a difference.


Organic Cotton Clothes For Babies And Children


Why is organic clothing good for babies and children with eczema

Organic cotton is grown from a tiny seed all the way through to becoming an item of children’s clothing and is done so more naturally. It’s grown without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals and pesticides unlike conventional cotton. With more natural, kinder processes you can be sure it’s better for your baby’s sensitive, delicate skin. Other benefits of organic cotton include its softer, gentler feel against your baby’s skin, which make it less likely to irritate the skin.

Take a look at the washing detergent you use, these can have strong chemicals and perfume added that can easily irritate the skin. Looking for more eco-friendly and more natural detergents without those nasty chemicals in them is beneficial. Such as, Soap Flakes and brands like Surecare, you can find these in most supermarkets today. How to care for organic cotton clothing is just as easy as conventional cotton but when you use a sensitive detergent they remain chemical free. So it may be worth switching if you think it could be a factor.      


Helpful tips to help keep your little ones dry Eczema under control

  • Keeping your home cool so they are not exposed to excessive heat.
  • Avoid wool clothing as it can be scratchy and irritate the skin.
  • Use doctor recommend creams and emollients in their bath to help return moisture to their skin.
  • Wear only organic cotton clothing to keep chemicals and pesticides away from their delicate skin. As they can irritate or cause allergic reactions.
  • Buy more natural, chemical free washing detergents.
  • Keeping their nails short and wear scratch mittens to prevent scratching particularly through the night.
  • Try to use distraction techniques to help take their minds away from the itching and stop them from scratching.


Buying organic cotton clothing

Check the labels carefully because some organic clothing only contains a small amount of organic cotton and yet still be labeled as organic. At Pinks to Blues all our clothing is 100% certified organic cotton. Each and every one of our brands are hand picked for their certification, high quality and design. This is to ensure they are the kindest possible soft organic baby and children’s clothing.

We care about how our clothing is made. From tiny seed to every little design detail. Even right down to the clothing labels. Most of the labels printed on clothing or flat labels placed away from the neckline to help avoid irritation and the poppers fastenings are nickel free to avoid possible allergic reactions too.

If your little one is suffering from a dry skin condition like eczema and you’re looking for ways to help alleviate the problem take a look through our adorable ranges to buy your organic baby clothing online with us today and receive 10% off using the Discount code: welcome10 


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