This is the time of year I love to sit back and enjoy a moment I call “My Christmas Calm!”

I love Christmas eve, maybe even more than Christmas day. I know, I know! thats a big statement to make. Its when all the prep for the festive season is slowing down. All the gifts are beautifully wrapped under the tree. I love nothing more than my family coming together at this time of year.

Family Traditions

Most families have their own traditions. Something with symbolic meaning or special significance. We have many traditions we love throughout this festive time of year. Like how the kids decorate the tree then mummy sneakily rearranges the decorations. I know, I really shouldn’t but my need for the perfect tree just gets the better of me. We visit family and friends, making cookies and gingerbread men or should I say attempt to! And like most people we spend time with those closest to our hearts. We light candles and share fond memories of our loved ones not able to be with us at this time of year.

But then theres my favourite tradition of them all. My Christmas Calm! On the eve when we all come together in the evening for the kids to unwrap just one gift each. Even though we all know that the gift is always a set of new pyjamas, theres still excitement. As its means its time for my favourite tradition. We pop on a Christmas movie or two and come together as a family with the sofa as our meeting place. Fleecy blankets, new pyjamas We chat about holiday fun times and our favourite christmas movies. The best part that really makes me smile is when I see my boys with their own little things that have become part of our traditions like the jar of marshmallows for dunking into their hot chocolate because apparently there can never be too many mallows in hot chocolate.

christmas, hot chocolate

I love to hear how others enjoy their family time on Christmas eve. How will you spend your time, whats your little family traditions?



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