Create a basic capsule wardrobe for kids is a lot easier than it sounds. How many of you have found yourself with an overflowing wardrobe and yet have nothing to wear? This was me. Quickly I discovered that I had my go to favourites that I wore time and time again. I was fed up spending money on new clothes only to find they don’t really go with anything I had. They just sat in my wardrobe. So I decided to give this whole capsule wardrobe craze I’d seen all over Pinterest a go and I have to say it really works great for me. Then I got to thinking… why not do the same for my kids wardrobes and take some of the hassle out of dressing them too.  


Start with a clear out

This time instead of the usual seasonal or growth spurt clear out and the oh I’ll keep that just incase they need it. (My previous mantra) Get ruthless and you can even get your kids involved. Ask them to choose their favourite items. Only the ones they love to wear all the time and place them into one pile. Bin the worn items and take note of any items to be replaced.

Then ask them to choose the things they don’t like and items they never wear. (You know the smart looking and sometimes not so comfortable pieces us parents choose but know they just won’t wear, well not without a fight) Be prepare to let go of these, after all it’s their wardrobe and not yours and you want them to actually wear everything from their capsule wardrobe. Place them in another pile which can be split into donate and bin. Giving clothes in good condition to your local charity shop is a great way to recycle those unwanted items.

The pile your left with is usually the hmmm, maybe pile. With this pile you want to go through and again bin whats worn out or outgrown. Set the remaining items aside.

Helpful Tip: Take all clothing out the room for this and only allow back into the room what your keeping. The goal is to achieve a practical, functional wardrobe with clothes they will love to wear.


What colours to choose? 

Now you have three piles. A favourites, a maybe and a donate pile. Bag and set aside your donate pile to drop off later and take a look at your favourite pile. You should be able to see a pattern with their choice of colours. Keep the colours that work well together and do the same with the maybe pile. Only keep colours that match well with the favourites chosen and remove the remaining into the donate bag. 


Fill in the Gaps  

Take note of the items you already have and make a list of those you need to buy or replace. That way when you do shop you have a clear list of what you really need and this helps when choosing a colour scheme that will match. Therefore keeping you on track if your easily drawn to cool trendy pieces or sparkly cute pieces. Remember to ask yourself, do you already have similar pieces in their wardrobe or will it actually go with what they already have? Keep note of what they need (I have my list saved in notes on my phone) This will help you keep focused and not waste money on impulsive buys.

Helpful Tip: Doing the laundry every day means your family won’t need as many clothes to last throughout the whole week and that also means less laundry too! Its a win win!

A Basic Capsule Wardrobe For Boys

Boys Basic Capsule Wardrobe


A Basic Capsule Wardrobe For Girls

Girls Basic Capsule Wardrobe


There is loads of capsule wardrobe advice and tips out there but make it your own. I stick with a number of items that feel right to me and get me through the week. But you can choose a number and make it one that suits you. These principles can be used for any season. Simply swap out some bottoms for shorts or skirts and go for lightweight sweatshirts or cardigans.

Stick to replacing what you need in colours that match. The result will be a capsule wardrobe your kids will actually love to wear. Less clothing taking up unnecessary space in their drawers and a more sustainable wardrobe, meaning less cost too!

Helpful Tip: With teenagers its good to take into account they may look for a few trending pieces for that season so just remember to pick them in colours that work with their existing colour scheme and limit the buys.

Build an Organic Wardrobe for Kids

Making the switch to an organic wardrobe? Theres loads of benefits to choosing organic cotton clothes. If you would like to find out how to make and gradually build an organic wardrobe thats better, kinder and safer on your childs skin then check out our how to switch to an organic wardrobe for your kids. 


Do you have some tips or advice that you’ve found helpful? Have you created your kids capsule wardrobe? We would love to hear about it. Comment below and who knows me might add your suggestion to a future post. 







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