If your looking for some great family fun Autumn activities to with kids, here’s some great ideas and we’ve added some Halloween ideas for you too. Perfect ways to fill a weekend and ideal for when the kids are on holiday this October. If you look around theres usually loads of things to do in or around your own city and we’ve listed below a few we found here in and around Glasgow where our Pinkest Blues HQ is based. Theres a few noteworthy ideas in there to help give you some inspiration!


Fun Autumn Activities To Do With Kids


 7 Top Autumn Activities


1.) Visit a pumpkin patch. You’ll have fun choosing the perfect pumpkin to take home to decorate or carve for Halloween. Grab a few extra little ones to make yummy pumpkin recipes with.

2.) Have some fun baking with the kids and make some delicious pumpkin pies for a nice Autumn family treat or one our family favourites, soft baked pumpkin cookies. These are great to wrap up nicely and gift to someone. Im sure family, friends or even your little ones teacher would love them.

3.) Decorate those pumpkins. In our family its tradition that we each decorate a pumpkin for halloween. The fun begins with us all sitting together coming up with weird and wonderful design ideas for each of our pumpkins. Over the years we’ve carved, painted and glued spiders to our pumpkins and theres some great ideas online.

4.) On a miserable wet or cold day outside and a day at home is on the cards, why not get started on a Halloween costume. You can’t beat a fun brain storming session for some fun or scary ideas to get you of to a good start.

5.) Go trick or treating. Put all that hard work and costume design to good use and go door to door around your neighbours or visit family and friends to spread the Halloween fun.

6.) Take an Autumn walk. Wrap up warm and put your wellies on and head out for a walk. You could visit your local park and collect some of the fallen Autumn leaves in all different beautiful browns, yellow and red colours.

7.) Do some arts and crafts using the leaves you collected on your walk to make a Autumn picture or make some Halloween crafts.



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