How to care for Organic cotton.

So you’ve purchased your organic cotton baby or toddler clothing safe in the knowledge it’s free from harmful chemicals and toxins, you’ve checked they are GOTS approved, but how do you care for organic cotton clothes for your little one?

Well it might surprise you to know that organic cotton isn’t that difficult to care for.

“At Pinks to Blues we believe its best to wash and dry your organic cotton clothing in a gentler, natural way. Free from harmful chemicals and toxins and creating a greener environment for your little ones to grow up in. ”


Washing organic cotton clothing

Thankfully all our organic baby and toddler clothing is machine washable. Pheww! That’s a relief, no need for hand washing. I for one am very happy about that Its not something I personally have time for. Like many others I’m sure so here’s our guide to washing and drying your organic cotton clothes.


What laundry detergent is best?

When you buy organic cotton clothes for your little one you want them to stay organic. Although if you wash them in regular detergent these can be full of harsh chemicals and toxins. Luckily enough there are an array environmentally friendly laundry detergents out there.

There are many brands to choose from online. We did a quick search at our local super markets and shops including Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Wholefoods. We found eco friendly and organic laundry detergents available on their shelves.

These detergents are free from harsh chemicals. Instead they are made from plant based and mineral ingredients with natural derived fragrances and cruelty free. All great news!

A few things to keep in mind

Organic cotton clothing comes in all styles and colours. Like any laundry its important to consider dyes, prints, embroidery and embellishments when washing. Always read individual care labels on garments and follow the advice given on how to care for that particular garment.

Organic cotton clothing is not made with harmful chemicals. However its possible chemicals and germs can be passed onto garments through the many hands they pass through to reach you. So it’s a good idea to wash them before wearing them.

As with all first time washing of clothes its important to keep in mind that not all are pre-shrunk. They could possibly shrink slightly if washed in hot water for the first time.

There’s also the colour to consider. Like all new clothes sometimes you can get a colour run. The best way to deal with this when caring for your organic cotton clothes is to wash new garments separate for the first few washes. Its a good idea to check the water for colour run. There may be advice for this on the care label but not always so best to check. If the colour has run into the water its best to continue to wash separately until there is no longer colour in the water. Its also better to turn your garments inside out to help colour and embellishments last longer.

So now you’ve washed your new garment its clean, free form harmful chemicals and time to dry it.


Drying organic cotton clothes

Again you should always check your care label for the best instructions as to how to dry your organic cotton clothing.

“We believe its better to dry your clothing naturally whenever possible as it’s a more gentle, kinder way to dry clothes.”


A few things to keep in mind

When drying organic cotton clothing its best to check the garments individual care label, as some may be dryer safe while others may recommend line dry or dry flat.

Line drying it’s a great way to dry your clothes. It’s a good idea to check to see if there is any recommendations such as keep out of direct sunlight, however recommended or not keeping colours out of direct sunshine can help reduce colour fading.

Also remember when line drying consider the garments shape. Sometimes drying clothing on a clotheshorse is gentler on the garment and can prevent stretching or misshaping.

Some garments are dryer safe but keep in mind that at high temperatures its possible for cotton to shrink. I hate to say it but its true… you should always read the label carefully.


Ironing organic cotton clothing

Ironing your clothes cannot only make them look great but it can make them feel better too if done well. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (sorry!) but always check the individual care label first.


A few things to keep in mind

Although the cotton setting on your iron is one of the highest heat settings its safe to say its best to think about the thickness of your cotton first. Many cottons are made of thick weaves and require a high setting but some thinner cottons could burn on too high a setting especially as there are no harsh chemicals on organic cotton therefore it may not be as heat resistant and need a lower setting.

As with all conventional clothing its important to consider prints, embroidery and embellishment that could be damaged through heat.

It may be best to start with a low setting and gradually increase as needed that way you know you wont damage your garment.


So to sum up

Washing, drying and even ironing your Organic cotton clothing isn’t any different than with other conventional clothing. Always read the care label first and follow the instructions. This together with our little keep in mind advice and your organic cotton will last and last. As organic cotton is manufactured without the harsh chemical process it naturally lasts longer than conventional cotton and caring for your clothes will allow you to pass the clothing on to siblings with them looking as good as new, make a saving in the long run too.

I hope in reading this it helps you to care for your organic cotton clothing with the peace of mind that it’s not all that different to washing conventional cotton. And if you take care of your organic cotton clothes they will last a lot longer too.

Why is organic cotton clothing a good choice when it comes to clothes for your little ones? What are the Benefits Of Organic Cotton?

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