If you’ve had a look at our website pinkstoblues.com its clear to see just how much we absolutely love all things organic so this September we are celebrating Organic September with The Soil Association.

At Pinks to Blues we carefully handpick our beautiful organic clothing brands and ensure they are certified GOTS which is the Global Organic Textile Standards by The Soil Association.


What does this mean

It means that we can guarantee you that our organic cotton products are 100% organic. You will also see The Soil Association and GOTS symbols on each of our organic product pages. So you can be sure that when you see these symbols your buying certified 100% organic cotton.

There are so many reasons and benefits to choosing organic cotton for your little ones. Heres a list we put together with just a few of those important reasons below.

5 top reasons to support Organic September.



At Pinks to Blues we ensure our clothing is as natural as can be with cotton grown organically without the use of harmful chemicals. The inks and dyes used in the clothing process have met the strict rules set up to protect local ecosystems. Thats why our clothing is made from 100% organic cotton. Giving you softer kinder clothing for your little ones delicate skin.

We also want to help protect the farmers who grow organic cotton. Help give them a safer, happier working environment. Ensure they receive a fair price for their crops. Helping factory workers have good working hours and receive fair wages. Thats why our clothing is certified by The Soil Association and GOTS (global organic textile standards)

Want to try organic cotton for yourself or add some more wonderfully soft clothes to your little ones wardrobe then see our collections here and better yet, subscribe to our newsletter today to receive 10% off your order.

From the Pinks to Blues family, Happy Organic September!




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