Best Years Sabre Tooth Tiger Soft Toys & Rattle


Best Years Sabre Tooth Tiger Soft Toys & Rattle

The prehistoric sabre tooth tiger is back at Pinks to Blues and this time in 3 amazing sizes. Large: height 23cm x length 46cm. Medium: height 20cm x length 35cm. And the original Small Rattle size: height 10cm x length 20cm. Do you have a dinosaur fan at home or perhaps a fan of the movie Ice Age? Then this is the perfect soft toy to add to their dinosaur collection.

Choose the size that’s perfect for your little one. Let their imaginations go wild with a prehistoric adventure and when done playing they can snuggle up with their soft and cuddly best friend too. Or choose the sabre tooth tiger rattle size for a unique first baby rattle that’s sure to get noticed. Don’t be fooled by its large teeth, they’re soft and cuddly and its gentle rattle sound won’t startle their delicate ears. Ethically sourced, suitable from birth and machine washable.

  • Size: Large – height 23cm x length 46cm
  • Size: Medium – height 20cm x length 35cm
  • Size: Small Rattle – height 10cm x length 20cm
  • Ethically sourced
  • Suitable from birth
  • Machine washable
  • Made from 100% acrylic
  • Cool colour: Turquoise blue

Here’s an interesting fact to share: The sabre tooth tiger was best known for it’s large, 7 to 12 inches long curved canine teeth!


Large, Medium, Small Rattle


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