As parents we all have our baby essentials. I know I had a few that I couldn’t live without and would definitely recommend having if you don’t already. One of my personal favourites is organic muslin swaddle blankets. For me it’s one of the best baby essentials there is I think.


Here’s why… They are just so versatile! I think my love of a good swaddle baby blanket stems back to when my boys were little and the many ways I could use them.

Organic muslin Swaddle Blankets


So it’s no surprise that beautiful 100% organic muslin swaddle blankets made there way into our online store.


Ok so it’s safe to say we are huge fans of organic muslin swaddle blankets. They’re a necessity for around the home and ideal for when you’re out and about. I always had one tucked in my changing bag. So I bet you want to know what makes them so great, well I’ve put together a list of ways I used mine.


Versatile Ways To Use Muslin Swaddle Blankets 


Muslin swaddles are relatively inexpensive blankets to buy which is great. The lightweight and breathable fabric is perfect for swaddling and snuggling baby in. It’s soft organic muslin fabric means it’s softer and kinder on your baby’s skin. This can be especially good if your little one is prone to eczema or dry skin.


They are large enough to use as a lightweight blanket in warmer months, helping to prevent your little one from overheating. It’s also a breathable muslin fabric that you can use to help shade them in their pram.


If breastfeeding your baby they are big enough to use as a cover up and again the breathable fabric is perfect for this. This works well for when you have visitors over or if your out and about and you don’t want to feel too exposed.


Swaddle blankets also make great burp cloths. I don’t know about your little angels but mine would often spit up after a feed, always somehow managing to completely miss their bib and instead cover their outfit or even mine at times. This is were the swaddle blanket comes in handy. It’s larger than the usual burp clothes so they easily cover and protect both your little ones clothing and yours. Reducing your laundry pile at the same time which had to be a good thing right!


When at home or visiting friends and family a swaddle blanket can also be placed on the floor as an area for your little one to lay or play on. It also helps protect carpets or rugs from your little ones dribbles.


And last but by all means not least they wash great and dry quickly so you don’t even need that many.


And Thats A Wrap 😉


So this is my list of the many ways I found swaddle blankets useful. I hope its given you some new ways to use yours, making life with baby just a little bit easier and giving you real value for money when you purchase yours. I’d love to hear how you use yours, let us know by commenting below.


If you haven’t got yours yet then you should take a look at our 100% Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets.




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