As a mum myself organic muslin swaddle blankets became a must have baby essential when I discovered the multitude of ways I could use them.

When my boys were little swaddles were definitely a firm favourite baby essential for me. So if you haven’t got any I would recommend having a couple at home and one or two for packing into your changing bag for when your out and about. It’s one of the best baby essentials you can buy.

They’re durable, ultra soft and breathable, perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. And that’s not all! As I mentioned it’s how versatile a swaddle blanket is that makes them the perfect baby buy.  

8 ways to use your baby swaddle blankets.  

1. Swaddle blanket 

It’s main use is to swaddle your newborn baby. I believe this helps babies to feel safe and secure. It’s said that it gives them a comfortable cozy feeling, like they would have felt in the womb. This is a great aid for helping them to sleep better and longer.     


2. Burp cloth

Swaddle blankets also make really good burp cloths. Simply sling the muslin swaddle over your shoulder when your going to burp baby. They’re larger size gives you maximum coverage which is great because I don’t know about your little angel but mine would often spit up when I was trying to get that burp. The soft, breathable muslin keeps your little one comfortable and it’s great to have on hand to wipe up any dribbles.


3. Nursing

Perfect if your wanting some privacy to breastfeed. Its breathable muslin fabric has an open weave, which means you can just drape your swaddle over your shoulder and down over your baby without the risk of you or your baby overheating. Using as a nursing cover works well for when you have visitors over or if your out and about and you don’t want to feel too exposed or if stimulating surroundings distract your baby easily during feeding. 


4. Changing mat 

Soft muslin swaddle blankets are great to use as a changing mat cover. I always found the regular wipe down changing mats can be cold for your little one to lie on, covering it with 100% GOTS certified organic muslin is not only warmer but so soft and gentle on their skin, making your little one more comfortable while changing. They work equally as well on changing tables, your own, at a friends or public changing tables that are used by many people. Carry one in your bag and you don’t need to worry, you’re good to go.


5. Blanket

Made from 100% organic cotton muslin, swaddle blankets are large enough to use as a mosses basket or bassinet sheet, providing a soft an comfortable base cover. Its lightweight breathable weave make it a perfect blanket in warmer summer months, preventing your little one from overheating but keeping their delicate skin covered and protected from harsh sunlight.  


 6. Pram cover

If your looking to shade your little ones from the  harmful sun while they’re out and about in their pram or you want to create a stimulation free area for your baby to nap. A breathable muslin’s open weave will allow continued airflow, keeping your baby comfortable and safe from overheating. 


7. Playtime cover

Whether your at home or visiting friends or family a swaddle blanket makes a great playtime cover. It’s soft and gentle touch on their delicate skin leaves them free to explore in comfort. It’s generous size allows the space to practice rolling over or explore their surroundings at tummy time.  It also helps protect carpets or rugs from your little ones dribbles.


8.  Recycle and re-use

Organic muslin swaddles durable fabric will last you a long time, wash after wash. And once your little one has out grown them and you no longer feel there’s a use for them don’t throw them away. Instead why not repurpose them as kitchen cloths.      


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And thats a wrap 😉 

See what I did there? So this is my list of the many ways I found swaddle blankets useful. I hope its given you some new ways to use yours, making life with your little one just a little bit easier and giving you real value for money when you purchase yours.


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